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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Albrecht Weinert

development service consulting

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Server and Services
  • hosting - domains, web sites
  • SVN - subversion
  • server administration
For our partners and customers weinert-automation provides information and Web services. Modern IT, used purposefully: weinert-automation

Most of the services and some of the content require an authentication as weinert-automation.de user: Without authentication see And, of course, access to our partners or customers hosted by us is (almost) without restrictions: Competence
  • long-standing experiences with Windows server and AD domain administration
  • Ubuntu server
  • Apache on Windows and Linux platforms (Apache2.4 on Ubuntu server 16.04 e.g.)
  • Subversion server on both platforms
  • Web-content on Apache, CMS and GitHub Pages
  • Automation of administrative server tasks (hooks)
      with batch, bash etc. and Java
weinert-automation       Prof.  Dr.-Ing.  Albrecht Weinert   (owner)     Schattbachstr. 42,   D-44801 Bochum
weinert-automation.de        weAut.de        info@weinert-automation.de
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