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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Albrecht Weinert

development service consulting

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Software development
  • development of Java (server) applications
  • automation of (administrative / server) tasks
  • development of embedded (µC, C) applications and run time systems
  • development of PLC applications (Codesys)
  • Java Framework Frame4J   (download)
  • Automation with standard single board computers weAutRasp
    The software approach weAutRaspallows process control and home automation with of the shelf small computers, like the Raspberry Pi 3 and standard protocols, TCP IP, RS486, Modbus, MQTT etc. as well as common (Linux) OS. Control and GUI (web interface) software in C.
  • runtime system for µControllers weAutSys
    weAutSys is a perfect fit for the automation module weAut01 and as well adaptable to akin modules.
    weAutSys offers a framework with periodic threads, timers and support functions for programming your automation application easily in C.
    See more in
  • Serial bootloader for many ATmega µControllers
    This is an integrated into weAutSys. The serial bootloader can as well be used in many other projects and hardware platforms.
  • experience with Java from its very beginning until today
    • text book (German) author, industrial trainer
    • operation of (server) applications preferably with Java
      and/or batch/bash-scripts
      on Windows servers/domains and on Ubuntu/Linux
  • longstanding experience with industrial real time systems
  • experience with web / server administration on diverse platforms
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