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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Albrecht Weinert

development service consulting
entwicklung dienstleistung beratung
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Software development


  • development of Java (server) applications
  • automation of (administrative / server) tasks
  • development of embedded (mC, C) applications and run time systems
  • development of PLC applications


  • Java Framework Frame4J   (download)
  • Automation with standard single board computers weAutRasp
    The software approach weAutRaspallows process control and home automation with of the shelf small computers, like the Raspberry Pi and standard protocols, TCP IP, RS486, Modbus, MQTT etc. as well as common (Linux) OS. Control and GUI (web interface) software in C.
  • runtime system for Controllers weAutSys
    weAutSys is a perfect fit for the automation module weAut01 and as well adaptable to akin modules.
    weAutSys offers a framework with periodic threads, timers and support functions for programming your automation application easily in C.
    See more in
  • Vendor statement: weinert-automation is aware of multiple security vulnerabilities in the uIP stack – commonly referred to as AMNESIA:33". The stack was used in weAut_01 which was discontinued in 2012 and is verifiably not in use anymore. Therefore, we deem the exploitation of our product a low risk. Patches won't be provided since the product is end-of-life.</li>
  • Serial bootloader for many ATmega µControllers
    This is an integrated into weAutSys. The serial bootloader can as well be used in many other projects and hardware platforms.


  • experience with Java from its very beginning until today
    • text book (German) author, industrial trainer
    • operation of (server) applications preferably with Java
      and/or batch/bash-scripts
      on Windows servers/domains and on Ubuntu/Linux
  • longstanding experience with industrial real time systems
  • implementation of real time contol systems based on Raspberrry Pi
  • experience with web / server administration on diverse platforms
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