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Package de.frame4j

Frame4J — the Java framework the base package.

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Package de.frame4j Description

Frame4J — the Java framework the base package.
Copyright © 2000 - 2016, 2021   Albrecht Weinert

Frame4J — the Java framework

Frame4J is a comfortable framework for robust applications, real world tools, a rich set of library functions and more.
It has a decades long history of successful usage in useful tools and in server applications running 24/7, i.e permanently. One goal was and is keeping compatibility — for long times even back to the weinertBib (packages de.a_weinert) predecessor.
But, being a good principle, compatibility to far back cannot always hold.

Revision history

Since 2015 some of the backward compatibility to < 8 was given up

Revision history

Revision 118 (old repo) before February 22 2015 is the last one before that streamlining.

Since August 2016 (Revision >=177) all pre Java8 compatibility was willfully broken, mainly by using Java 8 timing classes as far as feasible. In preparation to Java 9 and beyond all reference to and support for Applets was dropped.

In September 2016 we had a jump in SVN revision numbering from ~160 backwards to ~4. (SVN server [sic!] bugs forced relaunches of repositories.)
And we updated to the last non-commercial itext jars (the same as used by Michael Schierl's jpdftweak). In between (March 2021) we dropped the use of itext and removed the tool de.frame4j.PDFcompose — the command line tool pdftk (C:\\util\\pdftk.exe 29.07.2013 8.890.393) is a better and more comfortable substitute.

Frame4J's base package URLs
According to Java rules, the base package's names correspond to domains / URLs
• de.frame4jFrame4J (open source project),  (no package)   Albrecht Weinert (home).   (no package)   weinert-automation (home).  de.weAutshort synonym URL.
Searching here you will find information, the repository and (this) javadoc documentation.

Frame4J's main packages:
The framework's library classes are distributed over some packages:
• de.frame4j.util base and helper classes,
• de.frame4j.text text helper,
• de.frame4j.time time handling,
de.frame4j.ioI/O support,
de.frame4j.xmlxml support,
de.frame4j.netcommunications, JMX, LDAP,
de.frame4j.math functions and complex numbers,
de.frame4j.graf graphical helper,
de.frame4j.demos demonstrator programmes,
de.frame4j base package and Frame4's tools,
de.weAutprocess I/O support,
de.weAut.demos I/O demonstrators.

The tool set — support for development and administration

This package de.frame4j contains all tools and most applications that are part of Frame4J.
  1. Development and deployment tools
    • SVNkeys     beautify SVN tags for human reader
    • SVNkeysFilter SVNKeys as doxygen filter
    • FS         FS search files and file doublets
    • FuR        FuR search and replace text (pattern) in files
    • Update   update files
  2. Tools for administrative tasks
    • Era         delete files
    • Del         delete files
    • UCopy     get file content by file or URL
    • ShowPorts list (serial) ports
  3. Miscellaneous and helper applications
    • XMLio     XMLio XML → DOM → XML (check and transform)
    • ShowProps show system and JDK/JRE properties
    • AskAlert   pause a script, ask with timeout
      AskAlert   without parameters: display Frame4J version
    • SendMail
    • PKextr    get keys (public and private) from keystore
    • Exec        start a Frame4J application (first parameter)
      Exec        no prameter starts AskAlert
    • TestOnPi test IO operations/devices on a Pi
  4. Classes with (embedded) helper, test or demo application
  5. Demonstrators (games)
The scripts to build, document and deploy Frame4J use those tools too, mainly from the first categories above. In that sense the framework is "self building". Hint: For having all tools handy, make Frame4J an installed extension.
We are trying to develop a replacement for installed extensions, before them been broken by Java9.
The tool Exec is able to start all frame4j tools. Being made frame4j's Main-Class (in the manifest) allows to start them all via -jar frame4.jar. This is just partly repairing the missing installed extensions as all tools using iText, comm, mail and other extensions including JNI .ddl or .so will fail on Java>8.

Conditions of use / license, Copyright

Copyright 2015 Albrecht Weinert, Bochum, Germany (
All rights reserved.

Frame4J is made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License V1.0 which accompanies this distribution, and is available at or as text within the source distribution.
Revision 42 (1.05.2021)
Albrecht Weinert
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