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Package de.weAut

weAut — weinert-automation base package.

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Package de.weAut Description

weAut — weinert-automation base package.

This package de.weAut is uniquely named according to the second and short domain of weinert-automation's main domain


This package de.weAut is the base Java process control with small programmable systems, capable of hosting a standard Java JDK/JRE, like the Raspberry Pi3, e.g..
See also the post and sub-projects.

As of Revision 17, May 2019, we keep de.weAut in the same SVN source repository as the framework Frame4J, packages de.frame4j and below and deploy it in one frame4j.jar. This might be changed in the future. And we rely on a Java 8 with still intact installed extension mechanism.

Conditions of use / license, Copyright

Copyright © 2019 Albrecht Weinert, Bochum, Germany (
All rights reserved.

This package and its subpackages are, as well as Frame4J, available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License V1.0 which accompanies this distribution, and is available at or as text within the source distribution.
Revision 32 (22.03.2021)
Albrecht Weinert
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